It is a pleasure to announce, that the board of the SESF has grown by two experienced and highly motivated organizers from the Swiss LAN and E-Sports scene.

Stephan Maeder and Tobias “siRtobey” Feller, two leading figures of the Erenya LAN, have a reputation for being ambitious and reliable organizers. Not only because of their personal engagement for creating a Swiss Championship for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lately, but also due to their honorable and unselfish focus on the wishes of the community, they are a perfect fit for the SESF.

We wish them a very warm welcome to our team, and we are looking forward to an exciting future of the SESF with the newly added strengths of Stephan and Tobias.


Tobias Feller: “Last year as Stephan an me launched the Swiss Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Championship I didn’t expect to find myself being a part of the SESF within half a year. In retrospective however, it seems the logical consqeuence of us attempting to move forwards with the Swiss E-Sports and improving on cooperations within the community. I’m very happy and I’m looking forward to working together with Vinz, Row and Stephan on the “Project: SESF”, planning and realizing new exciting projects.”

Stephan Maeder: “I’m looking forward to the the challenge “SESF” and the opportunity to work together with Vinz, Row, Toby and all of you, to move Swiss E-Sports forward. After years of activity as organizer of the Erenya-LAN, I’m now especially glad about expanding my focus in all areas of E-Sports. With the Swiss Nationals CS:GO we were already able to launch an interesting prodcut, and I’m convinced that many more will follow. Let’s change the wolrd ;-)”

Rowien Bolkensteyn: “I’m thrilled to welcome new members to the Swiss E-Sports Federation’s board. Their expertise in the Swiss scene is really appreciated. We will have to define new common goals and it will be awesome. Now with three members from the Swiss-German part of our country, I’ll make sure that the minority will still be heard ;)”

Vinzenz Kögler: “I’m extraordinarily happy with the reinforcmenets that have arrived at the SESF. With Stephan and Tobias we have found two new member you couldn’t fit any better to the tasks ahead. They bring a long tons of experience and a valuable personal network. I’m looking forward to exciting times and I’m curious what new possiblity the future holds with those four additional hands.”