The Esports Integrity Coalition, also known as ESIC, is an organisation created in 2016 to take responsibility for the disruption, prevention, investigation, and prosecution of all forms of cheating in esports, including, but not limited to, match manipulation and doping.

To achieve this goal, the coalition already relies on several partnerships, particularly with betting regulatory bodies. Its action covers several areas such as, risk measurement, regulatory implementation, reporting requirements and prevention. The principles underlying this action are integrity and respect, fair procedures, education and standardisation, recognition of sanctions, information exchange and confidentiality.

As the ESIC’s anti-corruption code and betting regulations were referenced in the federation’s arbitration standards, the membership of the coalition became the obvious next step in order to strengthen its position against cheating and abuse in esports.


“Our mission to standardise refereeing and ensure that fair-play in Switzerland is aligned with ESIC’s mission statement. Cheating of any kind has no place in Swiss Esports and we are looking forward to working together with ESIC to improve our standards and match the expectations of our members regarding this matter.”

Gabriel Ratano

Chairman of the Referee Commission, Swiss Esports Federation

The collaboration between ESIC and SESF is based on the federation’s goals of promoting fair-play in esports. It is also part of its mission to professionalise the Swiss esports scene. Finally, it participates in the effort initiated at an international level for fair esports with zero tolerance for any kind of cheating.

ESIC Integrity Commissioner, Ian Smith, said “The role of esports Federations globally, particularly at grassroots level, is increasing in scope and importance, and it is a great honour for us to welcome our first Federation into membership of ESIC. The Swiss Federation and their Referee Commission, in particular, have been proactive and enthusiastic in their engagement with us and have adopted our Anti-Corruption Code, and ensured their members are educated on it and buy into the ethos we are trying hard to establish throughout esports. We welcome this pioneer Federation and hope this is the first of many as we all work together to ensure esports retains competitive integrity.”

 About the Swiss Esports Federation

The Swiss Esports Federation founded on January 1st, 2008 is a non-profit association comprising of the most active esports organisations in Switzerland. Its goal is to promote and professionalise esports, create and foster a community around esports, incorporate regulations and, most importantly, establish esports as a sport in Switzerland. The organisation prides itself on fair-play, power to the players and has a zero-tolerance non-discrimination policy. The Swiss esports Federation is also a founding member of the International Esports Federation.