Reddit, the frontpage of the internet. No other place on the internet spreads the latest news quicker than this one – for every topic you can imagine. For a long time, Reddit has been a popular meeting place for the international e-Sports communities. in so-called “subreddits”, the fans, players, developers and e-sports-celebrities equally exchange their thoughts on whats happenin lately. For long time the Swiss E-Sports community was lacking such a page – but now we have one. The subreddit exclusively for the Swiss E-Sports community:

In terms of language the subreddit sticks to English. After all it is meant to be a news portal not only for the German speaking part of the community, but for all Swiss language regions. Everyone has the rights to submit content as long as at least a minimal connection to Swiss E-Sports is given. That means news about Swiss events, teams and players, international events and teams with Swiss participants, and about players playing on Swiss teams. Everything can be found here. In the first few weeks the community has shown great interest in the lovely customized subreddit. Time will show whether r/swissesports will manage to end up as a fixed pillar in the Swiss E-Sports landscape.