Sunday August 6, is the day. Two dozen of the most talented, and probably also most handsome Swiss nerds to ever walk on the face of the earth enter the venue. The eStudios in Frau Gerold’s Garten in Zurich. Well equipped with the weapons of their choice, mice and keyboards. The atmosphere is tense as each of them sets up. They are nervous. Everyone can sense it. One or another desperate attempt of a joke to ease up. One does not hear a lot of conversation in the studio otherwise. The directors are rushing back and forth from the production room, casters being wired, the event managers looking at their watches over and over again, impatiantly. They are nervous as well. One never knows which unexpected complications would arise during such an event – and there always do. The winners of today will take everything. The prestige of making it into the national team and to the world championship – all expenses paid by the federation. A single best-of-5 lies between each of the players, and their dream to travel to Korea – the Mecca of esports. All configurations are complete. Every last troubleshoot is shot. The stream is live. The commentators start talking. The game lobby is created. It is time for the Grand Finals of the Swiss Qualifiers in League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, for the 9th Esports World Championship by the International e-Sports Federation, taking place November 8-12 in Busan, Korea.

League of Legends

First up are Lausanne eSports, the esports division of the Swiss football club FC Lausanne-Sport, versus mYinsanity in the grand finals of League of Legends. Both teams have proven their worth during the preliminary online tournaments, by each winning one of the two. Earning the spot they are now in over more than 20 other teams that have made that same attempt.

Lausanne eSports, the line-up that has been dominating the Swiss scene for quite a while, qualified for the Grand finals by winning the first preliminary online tournament. Not dropping a single game all the way to the finals, where they lost one map to their opponent before securing a sound 2:1 victory – the same opponent as today.

mYinsanity, the powerhouse team from Bern, lost to Lausanne eSports in the finals of the first preliminary online tournament. In the second attempt they made sure that they would get a shot at revenge. Winning the second preliminary online tournament without dropping a single map – not even in the final. Today is their chance to pay back Lausanne eSports for the previous defeat.

But today would not be the day that mYinsanity would be granted vengence. Much more the contrary was the case. In a grand final that was overshadowed by a delayed start, technical difficulties with the hardware, and even a power outage at the venue, Lausanne eSports drove the knife even deeper into the self-esteem of mYinsanity’s players. Lausanne had no intention of dropping another map to that team. Too strong were their picks. Too well-executed their strategy. And simply flawless their team play. In a sweeping 3:0 victory they have proven once more, that they are without a doubt the strongest team in Switzerland at the moment, and well deserve to participate in the IeSF’s World Championships in Korea, again…. again. For GoldenGod it will be the second, for Lagily, Pride and WildJoshy, even the third world championship participation in a row.

Lausanne eSports
  • Lagily
  • Pride
  • WildJoshy
  • GoldenGod
  • Nu Eta Da
  • Greenfire
  • Loolil
  • Polo
  • sioser
  • Vango

(Photo by Nhat-Ha D. Photography,


The second grand final of the day was anticipated with equal excitement. The opponents: “Berzerk” and “Villains”. Just like both the League of Legends teams, they have also earned their spots by each winning an online preliminary tournament, where more than 20 teams participated.

Team Berzerk has a promising mix of up and coming talents of the Swiss scene and with Manuel “SolEk” Zeindler, one of the most successful Swiss Counter-Strike players ever. They made sure that every single CS:GO player in Switzerland would take notice of them. Not in a flawless, but yet impressive manner they finished first place in the first of the two preliminary online tournaments.

Villains is an old line-up with a new name, that has only recently split from their original mother organisation SILENTGAMING to go their own way. A team that has been playing together for what seems forever. While they had a rough time during the first online preliminary tournament, they won the second one, without dropping single map throughout the tournament. Not even in the final, where they were matched up against a CS:GO team of their old organisation.

Once more everyone was expecting a best-of-5 series in the grand final of the qualifier which would be as close as match can be. But Berzerk wouldn’t give an inch away to Villains. Winning both their picks, as well as the map pick of Villains, team Berzerk landed a sweeping 3:0 victory. And as close as some of the rounds seemed to be, as clear was each of the map results. Maybe it was simply not a good day for Villains. Maybe they were too nervous. Or, maybe it was just as simple as them being no match for Berzerk, who are now looking forward to a well deserved world championship participation in November in Busan, Korea.

  • Merca
  • carlsoN
  • SolEk
  • eleKz
  • Mali
  • chline
  • xshort1
  • mori
  • UdK
  • ToreQ

(Photo by Nhat-Ha D. Photography,

One more spot

Yet there is another free spot on the national team for Korea. Coming Satuday August 12th, there is one last chance to join our team on its way to Busan. A Tekken 7 tournament, organized by HardRead and, will be hosted at the EEvent LAN-Party in Burgdorf. The winner of which will also get to represent Switzerland at the world championships in November.

Additional Casual Tekken Tournament

If you are interested in participating in a Tekken tournament but you are either not keen on winning a trip to Korea as part of the national team – for whatever reason you wouldn’t want that -, or you are not eligible to participate as you are not a Swiss citizen: do not despair! There will also be an open for all Tekken tournament, where everyone may participate, and the Top 3 win a few PSN cards!


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