As we announced in the past weeks, the International eSports Federation (short: IeSF) is hold the annual World Championship soon. For the first time, it won’t be held in South Korea, the resident country of the IeSF, but in the romanian capital, in Bucharest. From Thursday, October 31 until Sunday, November 3, the players of various national federations will be facing each other in League of Legends and other titles, to fight for the world championship. And Switzerland will be a part of the battle.

The first pre-qualifier on this Sunday (July 14), the Swiss LoL Series I by Team mYinsanity, for the Swiss national IeSF Qualifier is already fully booked out with 16 teams. The top four finishers will advance to the qualification tournament on Sunday, August 18, the winner of which will receive the slot for representeing Switzerland the World Championship in Bucharest. Players will have yet another chance to go to the qualification, thru the second pre-qualifier on Sunday, August 4. Again the top four finishers of this tournamnet will receive a spot in the final qualifier as well.

But what does this have to do with “Fightgenossen”? The IeSF is paying for accomodation and breakfast for the entire delegation of the Swiss E-Sports Federation (short: “SESF”). On top of that, they also pay the flights for three of the five players in the League of Legends team. The costs of the remaining two flights will be split among the entire team – partly we aim to cover them with sponsorings. Sponsorings such as the one by the Swiss Gaming Community Fightgenossen!

With an unexpected generous amount of 200 CHF, sponsored by the Fightgenossen Community, the journey to Bucharest will become a whole lot less expensive for our players!

Statement of Vinzenz Koegler, SESF Praesident:

In the name of the SESF, I want to thank the whole Fightgenossen administration, for their amazing generosity. We are glad to have such an active, motivated and dedicated, and most importantly friendly community in Switzerland. And we hope that in the future, the SESF and the Fightgenossen Community an continue to profit from each others support and help!