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Referee Commission
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The SESF Referee Commission has one mission: ensuring that esport competitions are fair, and comply with other ethical standards. Since its creation, the Referee Commission developed the SESF Refereeing Certification, which provides tournament organisers with a top tier sample ruleset preventing all integrity issues arising from esports competitions, a quality-auditing system, as well as 100% neutral referees trained by the SESF. Their system is now widespread across Switzerland and also is adopted by international competitions.

Tournament organisers are encouraged to reach out and apply for the SESF Refereeing Certification, as it is a safe and tested way to safeguard the integrity of their competitions. This certification protects them against most risks related to their activity, such as blackmail or reputation damage as a consequence of bad decisions. Furthermore, it does not add more work for the tournament organisers- we take care of everything for you!

The SESF Referee Training is a fully developed curriculum which will notably provide key knowledge on the following points:

  • General principles & Values
  • Responsibilities & Limitations
  • Methodology
  • Mediation & Conflict Management
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Esport Ecosystem
  • Esport Industry Basics
  • Tournament Management Basics
  • Esports Culture

To apply to our referee training, just fill out this form and we will contact you as soon as possible!


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