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Swiss Made Games League
an SESF Commission


The Swiss Made Games Commission has as its main obective the promotion of Swiss Made video games and the vulgarisation esports to a larger and diverse public both inside and outside of the gaming community.

In March 2018, the commission signed partnerships with Pro Helvetia and Bity in order to create the Swiss Made Games League, a grassroot competition represented in most video-games related Swiss events which encountered great success and heavily contributed to the popularisation of the Swisss video game "Retimed".

Since 2020, the Swiss Made Games League also proposes original team-building activities for companies aimed at fostering transversal and innovative thinking. These are usually tailor-made in-company tournaments, on which no employee will have an advatnage on the others since Swiss Games are not well known for the most part. The tournaments can be accompagnied by informative/educational speeches on buisness-related topics such as Health and Video Games or Human Resurces and Video Games.