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Your Donation Matters

Building a sustainable ecosystem for esports in Switzerland, where ambitious young talents find the structure and enjoy the support, they need to pursue their aspirations, is challenging. Acquiring the resource to do so is even more.

While human resources in Swiss esports today mostly relies on voluntary work, acquiring professional and reliable services and products inevitably have price tags attached to it. In order for the Swiss Esports Federation to be able to cover such inevitable costs, it heavily relies on sponsorings and donations. And every single donation, no matter how small, matters – your donation matters.

What will happen with my donation?

Most essential to the administration and operation of the Swiss Esports Federation, is acquiring and maintaining a reliable and practical IT infrastructure (e.g. web hosting, bank accounts, management tools, etc.)

Being as visible as possible to the public is one of the most important tasks of the federation in order to promote esports.

Doing so often involves having roll-up displays, banners and flyers manufactured, advertising through online channels such as search engines or social media, of paying for the possibility to set up a booth at an expo.

Unfortunately, all of our activities, including organising stakeholders meetings and round tables, creating monthly talk-shows, conducting qualifiers for the World Championship of the International e-Sports Federations, and finally actually sending some lucky Swiss players to represent Switzerland in the World’s does not come for free. Neither do General Assemblies and other meetings of the SESF. We therefore need funds to be able to fund all the different activities that make the SESF relevant.

Not only ordinary members of the SESF pay membership fees to the federation, but also the federation itself needs to pay membership fees to other national and international structures it is a member of.

Today this is only the International e.Sports Federation, but in future we’d be happy to also be required to pay membership fees in other organisations.

Although we have a great community with great voluntary spirit, we try to compensate them for their efforts wherever we can.

When helping out or refereeing at events for example, we try to compensate their travel expenses, pay their meals and provide them with accommodation if necessary.

What will NOT happen with it?

Not only is the Swiss Esports Federation a non-profit organization, but it also has no employees today and pays no salaries or bonuses.

Even though we would gladly employ and pay staff in the future, but this will not happen as long as it relies so heavily on voluntary work.

We will not pay money for products or services the SESF does not need, or could get for free for a similar level of quality.

Additionally we will not invest into non-SESF projects, nor will we take part into the organisations in very volatile and short-term focused projects.