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General Meeting: A Strong Foundation for Progress

A Strong Foundation for Progress: The Swiss Esports Federation Prepares for What's Ahead

Bern, 27th of April 2024: During the recent General Meeting of the Swiss Esports Federation (SESF), several key developments were highlighted, showcasing the organisation's progress and growth in various areas.

The SESF held its annual General Meeting in Bern. The focus was on the election of the Board of Directors and on the opportunity to give an overview of the progress of SESF projects in the current year.

It has been a busy year for the Federation on several levels, with the following developments: successful discussions on unity with every part of the Swiss esports community on a national level, more activities with members such as Offline/Online Member Meetings (MeMes), two live streaming sessions on political strategy, the launch of a new version of the SESF Referee Training and the publication of the Human Rights Protection Survey & Report.

Key points highlighted for this pas year in the General Meeting were:

  • Political Recognition and Industry Position: One of the significant achievements of the SESF was gaining political recognition as a key player in the esports and gaming industry in Switzerland. This acknowledgment not only solidifies the Federation's standing within the sector but also opens opportunities for collaboration and for future support from governmental bodies.
  • Community Visibility and Engagement: Improved visibility towards the community is another notable outcome of the General Assembly. By enhancing its presence at key events and communication channels, the SESF could better engage with its audience, fostering a stronger connection and understanding of the Federation's initiatives and activities.
  • Internal Improvements and Projects: The Assembly also highlighted internal improvements within the SESF, indicating a commitment to enhancing organisational efficiency and effectiveness. These enhancements are crucial for ensuring smooth operations and the successful execution of projects and initiatives.
  • Membership Growth and Benefits: One of the most promising developments is the growing membership base of the SESF, with new members reaping the benefits of joining the Federation. This expansion not only strengthens the SESF's community, but also brings in fresh perspectives and ideas to drive growth.

Changes in the Board

For this year’s election of the 7 members of the Board, 9 candidates put their name forward, which overall bodes well for the future of the Federation. One Board member, Tamara Büttiker, has stepped down from her position and was thanked for her contribution and passion within and for the Federation. She did incredible work for the past year with the IESF Qualifiers and on IT & Accounting projects. She will stay involved in the Federation projects as she is joining the executive team for the year ahead. A new face was appointed to the Board. The Federation is thrilled to welcome Tobias Zischler, Co-Founder and President of ScytheofSeraph & Co-Owner and Esports-Manager at ManabarCH.

The previous Board members, Jon Baumann (President), Gabriel Ratano (Vice-President), Luca Hartman, Leonardo Giani, Nina Zweifel and Yann Beaud were reelected.

"Overall, the SESF stands on solid ground: the federation is independently financed by its member base, has overhauled internal processes with a passionate executive volunteer-team handling the day-to-day operations, and gained more visibility and collaboration among the members. Now, on the one hand, we are able to tackle bigger lighthouse-projects to support the Swiss esports community and, on the other hand, the Federation is ready to enter the strategic discussions of its future role as a governing body for the Swiss esports and gaming community."
Jon Baumann - President of the SESF

The General Meeting was also an opportunity to welcome 6 new SESF ordinary members: Lostik, Dream Team, Danone Schweiz AG, Glorious Esport, Permitta Esports and UME.

In conclusion, this General Assembly of the SESF was a resounding success, bringing continuity to ongoing projects and setting the stage for future growth and success. With political recognition, better visibility, internal improvements, and a growing membership base, the SESF is well-positioned to thrive in the coming years.

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