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General Meeting: The SESF up for new challenges after the pandemic

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Bern, the 23rd of April 2022: New ordinary members, the first women in the board of the federation and a new membership system. The general meeting of the Swiss Esports Federation (SESF) brought change mixed with continuity.

The growing SESF held its annual general meeting in Kongresszentrum Kreuz in Bern. The main focus of the meeting was the election of the board and a step towards a more sustainable financing of the federation. With the aim to become a more professional organisation and bring direct benefits to its members, the SESF officially introduced a motion with a new membership fees system. This new system will contribute to fund the federation in a more sustainable and independent manner, through higher fees for commercial or corporate members.

New faces were appointed to the board. The federation is thrilled to welcome Nina Zweifel, Head of Player Development at mYinsanity and Performance Manager at Adamas Esports as the first women in the board of the SESF. As the second new face, Luca Hartmann, Co-Owner and Board member at mYinsanity replaces the longest serving board member Cédric Schlosser. Sadly, two board members have withdrawn this year and were thanked for their passion within and for the federation. Nadir Laguerre, who was part of the board for one year and Cédric Schlosser, whose long time work, commitment, insights and know-how about esports have been applauded by the SESF.

The previous board members, Jon Baumann (President), Gabriel Ratano (Vice-President), Leonardo Giani, and Yann Beaud were reelected.

« I am still very convinced that the SESF has great potential to rise up and be a strong voice for Swiss esports towards politics and the public domain. We have achieved to stabilize the organisation over the last year and half and we are now on the edge to start through and lift off»
Jon Bauman

The general meeting was also an opportunity to welcome new SESF members: Babos Gaming, Die Schach Profis, Exploria (Sciencity Loisirs SARL), Fragbox Gaming, Fire Gold Sharks, Imavox, ManaBar, Palexpo, pwc Switzerland, Privately, Showdownmasters, Smar7, Swisscom AG, and Swiss Ghosts. This means that the number of ordinary members has reached 54 this year.

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