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General Meeting: The Swiss Esports Federation Continues to Thrive with More Activities and Outreach

SESF's Busy Year: Swiss Esports Federation Continues to Thrive with More Activities and Outreach

Yverdon-les-Bains, 22nd of April 2023: Political recognition as an industry player, better visibility of the Federation, internal improvements and a growing membership base with new member benefits. The general meeting of the Swiss Esports Federation (SESF) brought some changes mixed with continuity.

The growing SESF held its annual general meeting at EXPLORiT in Yverdon-les-Bains, along with the MarvelSnap tournament FRAMEBREAK organised by its member EXPLORiA. The atmosphere was electric!

The meeting focused on the election of the Board of Directors and the opportunity to give an overview of the progress of SESF projects in the current year. With the goal of becoming a more sustainable organisation and bringing direct benefits to its members, the SESF evaluated the first year of the new membership fees system.

It has been a busy year for the Federation on several levels with the following developments: the creation of a permanent Executive Coordinator position to support the Board and staff, successful impact on the political discussion of esports on a national level, more activities with members such as Offline/Online Member Meetings (MeMes), a live streaming session with an educational roundtable on mental health in esports, and more communication with the general public via social media and the website.

Changes in the Board

This year's competition was tough as there were 9 candidates for 7 seats, which overall bodes well for the future of the federation. A new face was appointed to the board. The federation is thrilled to welcome Tamara Büttiker, co-founder of the esports association ArcticGaming.

Sadly, one board member has not been reelected this year and was thanked for his contribution and passion within and for the federation. Patrick Gobonya, who was part of the board for two years, has been applauded by the SESF. The previous board members, Jon Baumann (President), Gabriel Ratano (Vice-President), Luca Hartmann, Leonardo Giani, Nina Zweifel and Yann Beaud were reelected.

“We are excited to see the SESF gain recognition as an industry player and have a greater impact on political discussions at a national level. Our growing membership base and successful activities with members, such as Offline/Online MeMes and our Educational Roundtables, are a sign of the strong community we have built within the SESF.”
Jon Baumann

The general meeting was also an opportunity to welcome 6 new SESF members: ALLSUPPS, ZeroOneClan, Virtual Revolution Championship, Sponsor Sport Food, Independent Esports and Dive Esports. Which brings the number to 58 ordinary members.

We would like to deeply thank our member EXPLORiA for welcoming us during its FRAMEBREAK tournament, we couldn’t have been more thankful.

Wishing you all a great year in Swiss Esports!

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