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Human Rights Protection for Gamers and Staff members in Swiss Esports

The Swiss Esports Federation (SESF) launches a project on the improvement of the gaming environment of players and staff members in the Swiss esports community! You will find a brief explanation of this project below!

What are human rights in esports and why is the SESF engaging in this project?

Have you ever had the experience of receiving a sexual message or image from your game partners through a chat box or experienced hate speech based on race, sex, or any other prohibited grounds? If so, you have already been confronted with a human right violation in esports! You must be protected from such conducts in your esports endeavours. The SESF wants to prevent such conducts in the Swiss esports community, by taking necessary measures to protect esports participants. We will address the following five issues:

  1. Sexual violence, and harassment;
  2. Discrimination against all actors in Swiss esports activity;
  3. Physical, mental, and social health problems;
  4. Establishment of an internal dispute settlement mechanism; and
  5. Development of strategies on data protection.

What are the benefits of this project for Swiss esports?

This project will contribute to developing a system for the protection of esports participants and clarify how the SESF should act for you. We want to achieve is an access to our esports community free of problems such as sexual harassment, discrimination and inequality, physical, mental, and social health problems before, during, and after esports activities in Switzerland. To achieve this goal, we will put our best efforts into researching about these matters to ensure the well-being of the Swiss esports community on long term.

What kind of impact will this project have on the Swiss esports community?

This project will serve to change a negative image of esports into a clear and positive one by enabling the SESF to take preventive measures to protect esports participants from any human rights problems caused by esports activities.

Important References:

SESF Statement

A Brief Introduction Report

SESF Detailed report (Version May 2022)

SESF Statutes (Version 1.4, October 2020)

Explanatory Report: Interpretation of Human Rights Clause and Non-Discrimination and Equality Clause

If you have any questions, please contact tsubasa.shinohara@sesf.ch (Mr Tsubasa Shinohara, Human Rights Officer at Legal Affair Section).

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