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More precision for better industry representation

The Swiss Esports Federation SESF took part in the public consultation on the decree, implementing the new youth protection law for movies and videogames.

Protection of minors by co-regulation as main goal of the law: The aim of the law is to establish a uniform protection of minors for film and video games in Switzerland. This is to be achieved through co-regulation, in which the industry ensures the implementation of the protection of minors in its own organisation along predefined guidelines. The Swiss Esports Federation continues to support this goal.

More precision in Art. 3: Representativeness of the industry organisation: To implement the protection of minors effectively through the industry, a broad-based and viable organisation for the protection of minors is required that includes all the players concerned. It is proposed to clarify Art. 3 para. 1 to ensure that the majority of stakeholders affected by the protection of minors and based in Switzerland are directly or indirectly represented in the industry organisation. The SESF suggests a small change in formulation of Art. 3, adding a more precise definition:

English: The sectoral organisation shall be deemed to be of representative composition if the majority of the operators affected by the regulation on the protection of minors, representing the different types of operators in the same sector, are directly or indirectly represented in the sectoral organisation with their registered office or place of business in Switzerland.

Deutsch: Die Branchenorganisation gilt als repräsentativ zusammengesetzt, wenn die Mehrzahl der von der Jugendschutzregelung betroffenen Akteurinnen, welche die verschiedenen Arten von Akteuren in demselben Sektor repräsentieren, mit Sitz oder Niederlassung in der Schweiz direkt oder indirekt in der Branchenorganisation vertreten sind.

Français: L’organisation de branche est représentative lorsque la majorité des acteurs concernés par la réglementation relative à la protection des mineurs, représentant les différents types d’acteurs du même secteur, et ayant leur siège ou une filiale en Suisse sont représentés directement ou indirectement dans l’organisation de branche.

Conclusion: Taking into account the proposed clarification of Art. 3 para. 1, the SESF supports the present preliminary draft and consider it acceptable.

Full statement in german

Official documents on the consultation

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