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Press Release Swiss Esports Map: Map and Report (30.04.21)

Swiss esports map


Bern, the 30th of April 2021: About two months ago, the SESF sent out a questionnaire to record which Swiss esports organisations participate in national and international competitions. Today, the map and report were published on www.esportsmap.ch.

The SESF is overjoyed as today is the day the Swiss esports map goes live! Together, the interactive map and directory give an overview of the Swiss esports landscape. In addition to the map, a report has been published with interesting facts and numbers. The report grants insights into the structures and services as well as challenges for the Swiss esports organisations.

We hope the “Swiss Esports Map” is a step towards more engagement with the community and more widespread recognition of esports. With the map and the report, a spotlight was put on the Swiss esports scene, which makes it more visible to the public. However, not all organisations took part in the survey: “We can’t catch ‘em all!”, but we are working towards it. With the current survey, we took a snapshot of the current state of organisations and their key data, such as the year of foundation, legal form, and social media. With this first report, we kicked off a project we intend to improve and expand continuously. We want to update the Swiss esports map on a regular basis and publish more reports – not only on esports organisations but also on Swiss esports stakeholders.

We would also like to, again, thank all the people who answered the questionnaire as well as employees and partners who supported us with this project. The map has since been opened to all the Swiss esports organisations. It is still possible for organisations to add themselves to the map. We encourage anyone to do so. The SESF continuously checks the form and updates the map as needed. And now, enough chatting, go have a look on: www.esportsmap.ch!

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