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The SESF Human Rights Protection Survey for Esports Participants

The Swiss Esports Federation (SESF) will carry out the SESF Human Rights Protection Survey for Esports Participants. The purpose of this survey is to know what kind of issues have occurred in the Swiss esports community. This constitutes a part of the Project on Human Rights Protection for Gamers and Staffs in Swiss Esport Activities. It takes around 20 minutes, but your answer will contribute to the improvement of gamers and staffs conditions in Swiss esports activities. The SESF expects to carry out this survey for six months (it can be prolonged if necessary), counting from the day on which the SESF published this survey on its website. Thank you for your contributions !!

What does it include?

This survey includes the following issues: 1) Experience of sexual abuse and harassment before, during and after esports activities; 2) Experience of discrimination before, during and after esports activity; 3) Physical and mental health problems due to esports activities. If you feel that you don’t want to answer, it is unnecessary to answer all questions.

Why should the SESF carry out this survey?

The SESF is an official esports governing body in Switzerland and, thus, it has a huge social responsibility to commit to prevent any potential problems caused by Swiss esports activity. On 16 June 2021, we have already launched the Human Rights Project to commit to respect human rights of Swiss esports participants guaranteed by international recognised human rights treaties which are ratified by Switzerland. On this basis, this survey will implement our voluntary duty to respect human rights. More importantly, we need to collect specific information from the Swiss esports community to create objective evidence that may justify why we should commit to protect esports participants.

What will the SESF do after this survey?

After the survey, we will create a report that describes the results of this survey. In this report, we will try to identify what kind of problems have occurred in Swiss esports community and, then, we will indicate some action plan to combat against these problems.

The SESF Human Rights Protection Survey for Esports Participants: English / French / German / Italian

Reference: Official Statement

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Mr. Tsubasa Shinohara (Human Rights Officer at the Legal Affair Section, tsubasa.shinohara@sesf.ch).

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